Our Vision

'To provide financially assisted educational and travel opportunities, to students of music and the arts for entry into an artistic occupation, trade, or profession; in addition, to advance the education of the public in general in the value of cultural ties through collaborative study and new artistic perspectives'.


The aim of Ponte Cultura is to immerse you, our students, to an intense working environment similar to that experienced by professionals. High in the mountains of Corsica, in addition to rigorous classical training, you will be encouraged to perform music from different genres including jazz, rock, traditional, etc. Each year we invite a guest artist to complement the music with a project, which in previous years has exposed our students to film, conceptual art, photography, literature and fine art.

The team of close friends and professors create a warm environment and a sense of "joie de vivre" which enables you to develop your technical ability on your instrument. We focus on individual lessons and chamber music/orchestra rehearsals (without conductor) to develop your stamina, sense of initiative and ability to adapt. Our passion and enthusiasm unites the mountains of Corsica with London, the two places the teams have grown to know and love so well.


Ponte Cultura aims to re-establish the cultural bridge between the UK and Corsica - founded by intellectuals Pasquale Paoli and James Boswell in the 18th Century. The competitions, masterclasses and concerts are open to everyone. We often welcome Ponte Cultura Friends from all over the world to join us in experiencing both the preparation and the culmination of all our hard work. We provide a unique and varied programme performed by world-class musicians alongside our students.